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You don't have to be alone to be lonely

You might as well give in

31 January 1984
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I am a very random person. I like water in pretty bottles, way too much disney channel and West Wing, and watching really bad movies just because the discription sounds hilarious. I enjoy british comedy, and never letting private jokes die. Henry's is the shit, and anything related to pirates or tattoos gets my undivided attention. Or shiney things. those too.
Random road trips float my boat. So far, they include Chicago and St. Louis, but Tulsa and Graceland are in the works. I enjoy freaking out people that I have never met and will never meet again. Oh, and so far in my life I have made two people laugh so hard they vomit. Two!

Its been years since I last updated this, but woo, I've graduated college and have a BGS in Anthropology, and am failing to use it right now. I work as a host in a steakhouse, and use my remaining free time as a coordinator for the Naka Kon Anime convention out of Kansas City. Yes, that makes me a nerd. Yes, I'm ok with this. ^^ I also have various other nerddoms covered in my life. I like gaming and webcomics, as well as History channel, Discovery channel, and CSI. Though someone should help me motivate myself to clean my house and room.
I live with boyroommate and girlroommate, a pitbull and two cats.
42, acting, anime, aquarius, archaeology, army of darkness, art, baseball, basketball, bbc, bees, bill nye, bleach, books, boondock saints, bouncing souls, boys in glasses, brand new, bright eyes, british humor, calvin and hobbes, celtic mythology, chapstick, chasing amy, choochoo bear, clarinet, classical archaeology, classical music, clerks, converse, count your sheep, crossword puzzles, dave the barbarian, david bowie, death cab for cutie, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragons, earrings, eccentricity, ed norton, emo, ender's game, faeries, fight club, fire, flogging molly, forensics, geeks, gershwin, grainger, grey's anatomy, h2g2, harry potter, headbands, hedwig, history, homestar runner, indie, ireland, jason robert brown, jayhawks, johnny cash, jumping on the bed, ku, lawrence, lions, literature, llamas, logic, london irish rugby, mallrats, manga, mars volta, modest mouse, monkeys, monty python, movies, mr t experience, murder by death, music, musicals, mystery science theatre 3000, mythology, naka kon, neil gaiman, nerf herder, nonsense, nutella, office space, pedro the lion, people-watching, pepsi, piercings, pirates, pixies, pretty pretty princess, procrastinating, project runway, punk, rain, rainy days, requiem for a dream, rugby, sci-fi, shiney things, silver, simpsons, smiting, something positive, sondheim, stars, string cheese, taking back sunday, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the colbert report, the daily show, the faint, the hives, the killers, the mars volta, the nightmare before christmas, the plus ones, the postal service, the princess bride, the ramones, the weakerthans, theatre, tiaras, tim burton, towels, trainspotting, unicorns, wallace and gromit, webcomics, weezer, west wing, wheel of time, yellow ajah