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I know that I have twitter friends that are also lj friends, but too bad :P
So a girl I work with at Longhorn is also an intern at an interior design agency (its what she is getting her degree in) and i've been having her horde fabric samples for me. I just picked up a bunch for her (a bag stuffed full, actually) and though I'm not sure what I will do with it all (big ones make great side table tablecloths!) I have a question for all you fabric and costume-y people on my flist. How do you organize your fabric and scrap piles? color? size of piece? project? type of fabric?

Jul. 20th, 2010

So a lot of stuff has happened in the last few months, but I'm lazy and don't post.
I just deleted 4,000 ish emails. from my gmail. ALLLLLZL the way back through to 2004. My first emails from facebook. Lists from when I kept track of the payments for finals buckets for NRHH. When I first applied to work for the convention. Old WoT and ASOIAF message boards I was on. And email Padra sent me that I didn't have the heart to delete :(
I kept my college papers.

Lets see if I can keep up with my email.

image of course from hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com
Things I planned to do today: apartment search, clean, laundry
Things I have done so far: Watched the Glee ep I missed, zoned and watched the disney channel, avoided vomiting.

In retrospect, I should probably not have drank half a bottle of wine at two am after drinking two beers, a shot, and a double long island at the bar.

So, since last update:
-Apartment complex lost checks for last months rent. They aren't going to charge us a late fee, but I have to pay the back rent by the end of next month (yet another reason to not live here next year) so I have to pay double rent this month, as well as a deposit on another apartment.
-My great aunt Leo died, so I am going to Arkansas for the funeral this weekend (and consequently not making money at work. Its hard not having an actual paycheck) and I'll see my crazy aunt.
-I ended up with the snug. It got a lil infected last week after I didn't wash it one night and stayed on strange sheets (see last dash) but its now at the itchy healing stage. http://img217.imageshack.us/i/snug.jpg/
-I had to get a new phone ($100) The last one, the touchscreen stopped working, which ment I couldn't send texts, or make calls, or set an alarm. Which are the three things I use my phone for. I bought a go phone and put my card in it. I actually quite like this phone.
-I hooked up with one of the mexican cooks from work (No Kitty, not one you know). I only mention this because our particular mexicans gossip like crazy, and I've been getting a ton of crap from them. I am debating learning spanish. They are trying to teach me, to mixed reviews :P

Oh god, I need a place for next year. And probably another job. One bedroom apartments are pricey, sometimes more than 2bedrooms! Plus having a cat is a disadvantage in the apartment hunting scheme of things.
I'm sure I have more to talk about, I just don't remember right now :P I need to do laundry and clean and pack before this weekend. I may just push it back to tomorrow though. Wine hangovers really are the worst :/

Apr. 10th, 2010

Dear internets:stuff you may not want to know! Or shouldn't read about at a workdesk Collapse )

So, what say you friendlist, besides being generally shocked that I'm talking so much after a year of not saying much?
And also, hey, you all are knowing so much about me all of a sudden!

Writer's Block: Fuzzy friend

If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?

I don't normally do these... but
1. A daemon from the His Dark Materials series. WANT. But since its part of your soul and not really an animal...
2. A Pipe Fox from XXXHolic. So cute! And protective!
I bought a new laptop! It is beautiful. Its a toshiba :D I'm at the last convention meeting before the big day, so I'm spending the time configuring it n such.
Things I need to download when I have reliable internets at home:
vlc (cccp?)
trillian (or aim and msn and irc n such)(ended up going with pidgin)

Computers come with a lot less crap programs on them now!

If anyone can think of others, please let me know :D

Getting used to this new touchpad. If I don't use it just right it goes into zoom mode.

So I also got an external to help me transfer my old files and music and movies and such. The thing is, my old computer stays on for maybe five minutes at a time, when I am physically holding in the power cord at the just right angle :/ So its going to be quite a process to move everything over. I'm not as worried about my tv shows as I am my music! :(

Also, windows 7 is sort of neat ^^
My dearest laptop, only 2.5 years old, is suffering from a disease known as "manufacturedbyhp-itis" ie, it overheats and turns itself off randomly. The battery is also no good, and it must be plugged in all the time... but the connector tip is bad and so I have to set it *just so* in order for it to stay lit up blue. :/ I can't afford a new one right now, but I'm afraid I must start comparison shopping.

I did however buy new running shoes today. I discovered that I wear Youth size 5... which means I bought pumas for $10 less than full women's sizes. Hurray! The box says "Average contents: 2" which is amusing to me.

Currently reading: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. It is full of Houdini-esque escapes, Jews trying to get out of Nazi-invaded Prague, and the advent of the comic book industry. I'm halfway through, and it is utterly amazing. It was recommended to me by a guy at work (also known as the cook I had a thing for for months, and I got drunk and told him I was into him and he said he wasn't "ready to be with anyone right now" which is nice guy code for "i'm not into you" but whatever, we aren't awkward at work at least and we are mostly friends now)

Convention is in a month, so those things are all gearing up. I think this will be my last fully invested year. Going to the post office every day has gotten tiring :P

My birthday is in a week, and I'm moderately freaking out over the state of my life, or lack there of. I don't want to be a server for the rest of my life, after all.

Those of you I know from Tar Valon... yes, I demoted. It doesn't mean I love the yellows any less. I am currently exploring the Whites and the Greens. I plan to go to all six. Or even more places, who knows? *cough*
Hey there internets! I still exist, even if I haven't posted in about a year. Its not like I don't go on LJ every day to read my f-list. Maybe its just cause I don't do anything important in my life. I'm still working at Longhorn, though I'm serving now. I'm trying to cut back on my amount of going out. Still single. Moved for the first time in three years this August. Um, yeah :P

Jan. 27th, 2009

I am posting an entry to show everyone my new default pic
Also, I am still alive.
existential crisis mode, cleaning mode, weirdness mode... check.

Love you all. <3
Its four am, and I can't sleep because I went out for coffee at midnight with the now-ex boy.
Nothing was awkward or anything (well, until when we were by our cars, because I wasn't sure whether hugs were allowed or not) and things were friendly. But now I still have caffeine in my system. I played like 238795487 games of mahjong so I guess I should post and then sleep. Work is in far too few hours.

Speaking of work, why my job sucks! Customers sorry, Guests
lol, rantz hereCollapse )